Kids and mortgages are the two greatest excuses in the world for losing your backbone and your voice.

The One Essential Quality All Successful People Share

April 6, 2016 from Forbes by Liz Ryan

There is an essential personal quality that will carry you through career ups and downs to reach your goals. That essential quality is fearlessness. The biggest problem in the working world is fear. People who can see the scary aspects of making changes and telling the truth but do those things anyway get what they want, and they deserve it.

Fearless people cannot help but succeed because they keep taking steps, and they keep learning. If they fall down, they get up. So what? The tumble gave them great learning.

People who say, “The system is bigger than I am” or “My boss is more powerful than me — I’d better keep quiet” stay frustrated and shackled. We can complain about broken corporations and institutions until we’re blue in the face, but what good will that do? We have to change our own situations before anything around us will change.

Most people are terribly afraid. They never say what they’re really thinking at work, because if their opinions made the wrong people mad, something terrible might happen. They might fall out of favor.

They could even lose their jobs. Most people are way too afraid of getting fired.

I got inoculated early. I got fired when I was eighteen and a half and then fired again on my nineteenth birthday. Getting fired twice in six months taught me that getting fired is no big deal. I know what you are thinking: “Sure, it’s no big deal to get fired when you are 19, but some of us are 45 and have kids to feed.”

Kids and mortgages are the two greatest excuses in the world for losing your backbone and your voice.

The worst career move you can make is to put your kids or your mortgage between yourself and your dreams.


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