“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

After I finished my little self-pity party a few weeks ago, I decided that giving in to a short sale or abandoning the BK wasn’t the right thing to do.  Someone reminded me that the acquired knowledge I have should not be wasted.  When one becomes knowledgable in the oppressive tactics and blatant disregard of the law by these criminals, you just can’t stop being angry.  Anger, directed at the right parties, is a good thing.  Unaddressed, it grinds on you.  When you take action and fight back and use that anger for inspiration to fight Satanic evil, which this definitely is, the emotions will change.  The torture you carry around inside will transfer to those pleadings, those emails to reporters, the letters to the editor

First, it wasn’t fair to my fellow foreclosure-fraud fighters who have taken this racketeering operation to the courts and fought for years (not unlike me) because they’re still in the fight. Why does that matter?  It matters because THEY haven’t given up.  Every homeowner who has the courage to take this battle against the criminal banking oligarchy to its own end (win or lose) deserves the backing and support that every other litigant provides by continuing to push the issues before the courts.  The apparent bias against “deadbeat subprime borrowers” has been shown to be much more than a misconception on the part of judges.  The judiciary retirement plans, as well as most government employee retirement plans, including DOJ, are chocked full of bank and financial assets. These people are in up to their eyeballs with complicity, conspiracy, and conflict of interest.

Secondly, quitting wasn’t fair to my family.  They watched this battle consume me for quite some time.  They put up with the emotional vacancy that resulted from the obsession to protect my homestead.  Like most homeowners who purchased between 1999 and 2007 for shelter, the bubble provided a false sense of security in the asset itself.  Because borrowers believed in the values presented by the bank-employed appraisers, and also believed their loan officer/banker, broker, and realtor that they would be able to afford the cost of ownership (because of the cheap money scenario created by the FEDERAL RESERVE) THEY PAID.  They paid for years. They struggled with escalating payments that were engineered to bring on a default.  If they continued to pay, the banks made sure to force a default by applying late fees for payments they failed to post, by claiming that loans didn’t meet “investor guidelines” for modification when they themselves WERE THE INVESTORS. They paid until the manipulated, fabricated LIBOR rates pushed them into default.

They defaulted in massive numbers, and they were summarily blamed for wrecking the economy and forcing TARP.  Nobody really understood the mechanics of this conspiracy.  We blamed ourselves for letting our families down.  We thought we did the right thing.  American dream. Pride of ownership. Stability for our kids. Instead we were used as pawns to create money from thin air that was supposed to come from investors in the MBS. The banks outsmarted the investors AND the homeowners.  They lent NOTHING in the end; they took the investor money and hid it offshore, and issued certificates in MBS that were backed only by servicer payments, not borrower payments,. The MBS trusts hold NO assets, they are worthless only for the income stream coming from the PONZI scheme.

Now the banks come forward to take the homes with void assignments, forged notes, forged indorsements, no claim to title whatsoever. It’s a farce in the courts. Even the lawyers who defend homeowners against these false claims are persecuted by the judiciary and the lawyers boards.  The powers that be want everyone to cave in and roll over.  They don’t want the truth exposed because it WILL cost them dearly.

So that’s our job now.  To make the banks, the judges, the crooked foreclosure-mill lawyers, and the Justice Department PAY for their fraud, collusion, and in the end, utter malfeasance in enforcing the law.  The governors, the attorneys general, the Bankruptcy Trustees, they are all involved now in perpetrating and continuing the fraudulent foreclosure scheme.  If word really got out that the mortgages are all bad, both PRIME and SUBPRIME, and that  they were unenforceable for failure to execute within the securitization structure that was reuired by law, NOBODY WOULD PAY THESE BASTARDS ANOTHER DIME!!!

So please, don’t let yourself become a victim anymore.  Fight the fight.  It’s good for your disposition.


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