About Dave Krieger. I KNOW Dave Krieger

After the eight years of fighting foreclosure and mortgage fraud, there are a couple of e-mail chains I am priveledged to be included on.  Many years ago I sploke to Dave Krieger, and he offered help in understanding the mess that was made of the title to my home and why.  Truly a stand-up guy.  The book he wrote was distributed to any one who asked for it, FOR FREE, via e-book format.

I will not re-post the article that some carelessly repeated.  Banks and their attorneys are always looking to discredit knowledgable foreclosure fighters. Mr. Krieger is not alone.  It seems to be “good company” we keep when the opposition takes notice and sets their sights on you.

It is proven that any attorney, homeowner, or combination thereof that successfully presses the correct issues before the Court will be admonished and their attorneys will be attacked by the educated judges who are willfully blind to the crimes being committed in their courtrooms.

Someone close to me forwarded the following site address.  The future will not be pretty.



If you’ve had a vague idea that there is “something wrong”… you’re right. There are many things wrong with what you have been taught.  The reason things don’t add up wherever you look is that there is a disconnect between what you are told and what you observe.  The systems in place are DESIGNED to CREATE that disconnect to make sure you become confused, or discouraged or just apathetic to the system, like most people.  The system, especially the legal system, is not what you have been told.  It is a maze without an exit, you can’t win within it.


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