So here I go again.  After 10 years in our home, and having to put it up for sale under the duress of continuing litigation or choosing to move on, I decided to move on.  No, WE decided to move on.  My wonderful spouse who has suffered physical harm from the stress, and emotional devastation from the onset of the litigation process that took me away from her and the rest of the family.  Yes, I’ve been pretty much a ghost since all this started.  It’s called “Loss of Consortium” if you ever want to sue the bank for destroying your marriage.

Foreclosure and the obligatory journey into securitization, real estate law, mortgage law, case law, endless work for the attorney (to whom I am eternally grateful) who took us all the way to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals (indeed the most corrupt district in the land since they are host to the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, now CME Group) has resulted in me, a lowly car salesman, growing my intellect exponentially beyond any personal ambition I might have had.  Yes, I was FORCED to LEARN and UNDERSTAND the fraud perpetrated upon us in our quest for the “American Dream”.  A home.

Looking back, I’ve already won.  I kept the roof over my families’ collective heads for the last ten years.  The kids made lifelong friends, had a treehouse, grew a garden.  The oldest got her Masters Degree, her brother finished college, and we paid off a couple cars, too.  GREAT ROG!  Let’s call it a day!

My last regular mortgage payment was SEVEN YEARS AGO! YES! That’s RIGHT! Seven freaking years.  84 months minus the 9 payments made on the TWO HAMP MODIFICATIONS that were BOTH BREACHED by Wells Fargo.  We paid our taxes and insurance MOST of the time. That was always a battle, since Wells and CoreLogic go out of their way to race you to the town hall to pay first to try and create some colorable claim to title.  Same with the insurance.  I changed carriers so I could make the premium payment myself.  In the words of one of my old managers: “FUCK ‘DOZE MUDDERFUCKERS!!!”

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, MOVING ON.  I’M  going to be moving alright, but moving on, COMPLETELY, really?  I DON’T THINK SO!

I’ve got a complaint burning again with the OCC, the Office of Lawyer Regulation (in the Wisconsin Supreme Court), the National Mortgage Settlement Monitor Joseph Smith (another cartoon character masquerading as an ENFORCER), and now, I think it’s time to sue the Governor and AG for absconding the National Mortgage Settlement money.  Good ‘ole boy Scott Walker, a fine conservative by any other standard (unless you mention the ethanol scam which he now supports) and his Attorney General (Van Hollen) are going to have to answer now to the people of Wisconsin who lost their homes to unabated mortgage fraud, servicing fraud,  and FORECLOSURE FRAUD, all on their watch.  The courts have been compromised and it’s the job of the Department of Justice of the State of Wisconsin to protect the veracity of the proceedings in Wisconsin Courts.  If attorneys file forged notes and bogus assignments of mortgage in the land records, it’s their job to stop it.  PERIOD.

They have failed their citizens. Again.  Where does it stop?


more on this in a later posting.  There are suits against the Governor/AG offices in Texas and California.  With a little help, Wisconsin is next.  Stay tuned……


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