Since the inception of my battle with Wells fargo and Gray and Associates, I have been pounding on the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Office of Lawyer Regulation about the forged documents (affidavits and copies of the note) and multiple assignments of mortgage tendered throughout the litigation in state court and in bankruptcy.

The response from the DOJ was non-existent, and the Office of Lawyer Regulation (alleged to be the controlling authority regarding lawyer hanky panky) did nothing other than refuse to investigate the charges of fraud.  It has now become apparent that the OLR is interested only in discrediting my attorney and trying to silence her by taking her license to practice law.  It apparently has become very uncomfortable for them to continue protecting the foreclosure mill lawyers, so their only move is to silence the homeowners and their attorneys.

So to make sure that the overseers are aware of what’s happening, we sent all the exhibits of the forgery, the decision of judge Drain from the SDNY, and the Wells Fargo Foreclosure manual to the Wisconsin Supreme Court for their enlightment.

I’ll be sure to let you know what happens.

And I’ll reiterate that if you have proof of continued fraud on the courts, contact the OLR and force them to investigate.

Office of Lawyer Regulation
Keith Sellen, Director
110 East Main Street, Suite 315
Madison, WI 53703-3383
Phone: (608)267-7274 or (877) 315-6941
Fax: (608) 267-1959

And this guy Sellen? He’s a real gem!


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