Going To War Against Wells Fargo, AGAIN! 2nd BK Adversary Coming

In bankruptcy, this is but one of the many forms you’ll use.  Fill them out carefully.


21.  Other contingent and unliquidated claims of every nature, including tax refunds, counterclaims of the debtor, and rights to setoff claims. Give value of each:

Declaratory judgment action to be filed RE:  Identity and Capacity of Entity Entitled to Enforce the Note and Mortgage granted to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and alleged to have been transferred, along with damages for violation of the Wisconsin Organized Crime Control Act (WOCCA), abuse of process, breach of loan modification agreements, fraud and violations of RICO to the extent not precluded by disposition of Rinaldi v. HSBC Bank, USA, et al., in Case No. 13-CV-336 and including the claims which survived in the state court action Rinaldi v. Wells Fargo, N.A., et al., in Kenosha County Case No. 11-CV-1477 (dismissed without prejudice February 19, 2015), with appeal pending at time Petition was filed.

Now we’re talking!

There’s also that little matter of WF obtaining a judgment of foreclosure against me, again. Or, with the old homestead on the market, we get a buyer and we shed some light on the traveling (or stationary) note.


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